NJ Definition of CS

What is Computer Science?

The New Jersey Computer Science State plan adopted the following definition of Computer Science: 

Computer science means the study of computers and algorithmic processes and includes the study of computing principles and theories, computational thinking, computer hardware, software design, coding, analytics, and computer applications.

Computer science often includes computer programming or coding as a tool to create software, including applications, games, websites, and tools to manage or manipulate data; or development and management of computer hardware and the other electronics related to sharing, securing, and using digital information.

In addition to coding, the expanding field of computer science emphasizes computational thinking and interdisciplinary problem-solving to equip students with the skills and abilities necessary to apply computation in our digital world. Using a computer for everyday activities such as browsing the internet; using tools like word processing, spreadsheets, or presentation software; or using computers in the study and exploration of unrelated subjects is not computer science.