The mission of the CS4NJ Coalition (CS4NJ) is to promote and support equitable high-quality, standards-based Computer Science education for all New Jersey K-12 students by leveraging the strengths, resources and relationships of New Jersey universities, nonprofits, and other stakeholders.

The goals of CS4NJ are:

  • Establish a network of CS educators, government agencies, industry partners, universities and non-profits to promote and support K-12 CS education.
  • Increase the number of well-prepared, high-quality educators to teach computer science.
  • Expand equitable access to high-quality computer science education for all K-12 students.
  • Provide resources to schools and school districts to assist in expanding computer science education across grades K-12 in the classroom or through extra-curricular activities.
  • Support NJ universities in establishing programs for preparing K-12 CS teachers such as teacher preparation programs and graduate certificates in Computer Science Education.
  • Create and maintain a central web repository for NJ CS education. 

NJDOE Contact Information: 

To learn more about Computer Science in New Jersey or if you have any CS questions, please contact NJDOE at computerscience@doe.nj.gov.