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CSEdWeek Resources

CSEdWeek Resources

Organize a CSEdWeek event!

Computer Science Education Week (CSEdWeek) will be held from December 7 – 13, 2020. CSEdWeek is intended as a call to action to encourage K-12 students to learn CS, advocate for equity in CS education and celebrate contributions to the field. It is held in recognition of Admiral Grace Murray Hopper (December 9, 1906), who invented the first compiler and coined the term “bug” (an error in a program) after removing an actual moth from a computer in 1947. The first CSEdWeek was launched by ACM in 2009. This year CSTA is coordinating CSEdWeek for the first time. 

Code.org first organized the Hour of Code (HOC) during CSEdWeek in 2013 to show that anybody can learn to code and to broaden participation in Computer Science. It started as a one-hour coding activity but has expanded to a worldwide effort to celebrate computer science and includes a variety of community efforts. 

The theme of CSEdWeek 2020 is Computer Science for Social Justice (#CSforSocialJustice).  It highlights using Computer Science as a tool for Social Justice and working for social justice in Computer Science. 

Consider organizing an HOC event during CSEdWeek to teach how to use CS as a tool for social justice, inspire students to study CS, advocate for CS Education, involve administrators and celebrate CS education. The resources below are provided by CSTA, Code.org and their partners and are found mainly on CSTA’s CSEdWeek site and Code.org’s HOC pages. There are also links to resources prepared and used by our colleagues to organize an HOC at their schools. 

Please email info@cs4nj.org to have other CSEdWeek resources included on this page. 


Browse the CSEDWeek calendar of events and Register for  daily livestreams


CSEDWeek Lessons for teaching CS as a tool for social justice


Code.org’s resources to organize an HOC event

Search HOC coding activities by grade


Webinars and Resources to advocate for Computer Science  


Webinar and resources to involve state and district leaders, school counselors and other in Computer Science


Submit a video to celebrate a Computer Science Teacher or showcase how you are celebrating CSEdWeek

Virtual HOC

Code.org’s Tips for running a virtual HOC


Code.org’s CodeBytes: mini lessons streamed on YouTube during CSEdWeek


San Francisco Unified School District CSEdWeek Resources

CS First HOC

Google’s CS First HOC  (English and Spanish)

CS First Unplugged

Google’s CS First Unplugged HOC Activity

Microsoft MakeCode

Microsoft MakeCode HOC 2020

Minecraft HOC

Minecraft HOC 2020: A tale of two villages

CodeHS Resources

CodeHS Webinars during CSEdWeek and HOC Activities


Teacher-How-To run an HOC from Christopher High School in CA

Delran HOC

Delran Township HOC

Family Code Night

Family Code Night Resources

Popfizz Webinars

Register for Popfizz HOC webinars