6-8 Curriculum

All curricula on this page are widely used in 6-8 classrooms nationally or in CS for All states and have been reviewed by either CSTA or the CS for All Consortium. Each curriculum includes ready to use lesson plans and resources. Click on the icons to view additional information at the curriculum provider’s site.

Additional Resources will be added soon!

Free of Cost

BootUp provides curriculum for 3-6 using Scratch. Lesson plans aligned to CSTA standards.

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CS0 is a first programming course in Python. 40 hours long. Aligned to CSTA standards.

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From the Harvard Creating Computing Lab. Introduction to programming with Scratch for grades 3 and beyond: Aligned with the CSTA standards.

Creative Computing

Intro to CS for grades 6-10. Wide lens of CS, spanning across the main disciplinary concepts in the CS standards. Lesson plans, videos and other resources aligned to CSTA standards.


Designed for students in grades 4 and up, Everyone Can Code Puzzles is a guide to Swift Playgrounds‚Ä® that reinforces problem-solving strategies and critical-thinking skills through over 45 hours of flexible activities.

Google CS First

Hands-on lessons with videos. Lesson plans aligned to CSTA standards

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Intro to CS from the Microbit Foundation is a 14-week intro course for grades 6-8. Aligned with CSTA standards.

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From the micro:bit Foundations, entire units consisting of multiple lessons organized by age groups across the grade bands.

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Cost Applies

Several into to CS courses for 6-8 grade. Lesson plans aligned to CSTA standards.

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Several intro to CS courses for 6-8 grade. Lesson plans aligned to CSTA standards.

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Several courses by grade level including K-2, 1-2, 1-3, 3-4, 3-5, 5-6, 7-8, 7+, 8+. Includes ready to use lesson plans aligned to CSTA standards.

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