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About CS4NJ

The CS4NJ Coalition (CS4NJ) is a statewide network committed to promoting and advancing K-12 CS education in New Jersey.

We believe that all New Jersey K-12 students should have the opportunity to learn computer science. Computer Science, the basis for all computing and technology, drives job growth and innovation. Computational thinking, the problem-solving process inherent in computer science, is an essential skill across every 21st century job and career. Knowledge of computer science enables students to innovate and solve problems using technology, to critically engage in public discussions on important issues of national security and to participate in society as a responsible citizen. 

CS4NJ Awarded Google Grant

The CS4NJ Coalition was recently awarded a $75,000 grant from Google to support New Jersey’s Computer Science State plan by helping prepare teachers to implement CSforALL in K-12 schools across New Jersey. The New Jersey Department of Education and the Governor’s Computer Science Advisory Board created the NJ Computer Science State Plan in 2019 to outline steps to implement quality and equitable computer science education for all students in New Jersey.

NJ CSPDWeek 2022 Registration is now open!

CSPDWeek will include PD offerings across all grade bands and emphasize the need to prepare K-8 teachers to teach Computer Science and adopt the new standards starting in 2022. Registration is a two-step process. Pay on MemberNova, visit the link sent in the confirmation email to complete registration.

CSPDWeek is open to any K to 12th-grade teacher. While it is not a requirement to be a CSTA Member to attend, it is highly encouraged! 


The Center for Excellence in STEM Education at TCNJ Announces Central New Jersey CS Education Hub

The STEM Center and TCNJ are pleased to announce that the Central New Jersey Computer Science Education Hub is active. Their goal is to increase equitable access to high-quality Computer Science Education to K-12 students across New Jersey. 

NJ CS Hubs

Hubs have revised PD schedules. Please click on hub link for more details.


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