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Professional Development Opportunities

Professional Development Opportunities

Is your organization hosting a computer science PD event that you would like to see advertised here?  Please email all relevant information to buildingcsnj@tcnj.edu


Host: Rutgers’ NJ Computer Science
Date: May 18th 2018
Location: Rutgers New Brunswick Campus
Summit On Diversity and Scalability

Rutgers is announcing their 3rd annual NJ Computer Science Summit on Diversity and Scalability on May 18th 2018. This summit will provide opportunities for stakeholders from a variety of backgrounds to participate in a dialogue regarding the state of computer science education in New Jersey. As we continue to see growth in undergraduate CS programs, this summit offers an opportunity for conversations among New Jersey 4 and 2 year college faculty, K-12 teachers and administrators, representatives from industry, the NJ Department of Education and other government offices. You should expect guest speakers, discussion panels, and planned breakout sessions including (but not limited to):

  • CS Education grants: what’s available?
  • Near peer mentoring: how do we nurture this?
  • Professional development opportunities: what providers need to know
  • Statewide action plan for CS: where do we want to be in 5 years?
  • Cyber-security: at all grade levels in all courses
  • CS4NJ: Who are the stakeholders? How can you contribute?
  • Scalability and diversity at the college level: How are we doing?
  • CS certification and K-12 teacher preparation: How do we make this happen and what does it look like?
  • Hackathons and CS competitions

If you have any questions or concerns, contact Frances P Trees, D.P.S. (Associate Teaching Professor and Director of Undergraduate Introductory Instructions – Rutgers University Department of CS), or Thu D. Nguyen, Ph.D. (Professor and Chair – Rutgers University Department of CS/Rutgers University). The agenda is still being finalized but will be posted when complete.

Host: NJIT Professional Development – Computer Science Option 2
Date: July 9 – July 27 2018
Cost: $1575
Location: NJIT – on campus
Coding Basics and Front End Fundamentals Boot Camp

A mentored, project-based, immersive, online program designed specifically for STEM teachers in response to new NJ law. Learn new techniques and exercises to teach students software and security with confidence, begin coding from scratch with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Source Control. In addition, develop your command of advances tools in jQuery, AJAZ, Flexbox, and Bootstrap, and demonstrate proficiency by creating a website.

NJIT Professors

Host: NJIT Professional Development – Computer Science Option 1
Date: July 5 – August 23 2018
Cost: $1575
Location: NJIT – on campus
Introduction to Computing for High School Teachers

An instructor-led, classroom-based course designed specifically for high school teachers in response to the new NJ law requiring high schools to provide a Computer Science education. Dive into programming, computational thinking, and problem solving using Python. In addition, learn strategies for problem solving, constructs for program execution, data types, databases, and networks.

NJIT Professors

Host: NJIT Professional Development – Modern Manufacturing
Date: July 23 2018
Cost: $525 – Lunch and materials included
Location: NJIT Makerspace Lab – GITC
Learn 3D Printing in NJIT’s Makerspace

Be the first to design and create 3D prototypes in the NJIT Makerspace – an open 10,000 square-foot work and training space. Gain hands-on experience using 3D industry tools and equipment, add 3D Printing to your STEM curriculum and learn practical applications for your classroom, and obtain a resource-rich program of activities to implement in your school.

NJIT Professors

Host: MakerSpace Monday – 3D Printing
Date: April 16 2018
Cost: $106.00 or 4 ETTC Hours per session
Location: The SRI&ETTC at Stockton University
Exploration for Teachers in the Classroom

What is possible with 3D printing in Makerspaces? Come find out in our Makerspace session focusing on 3D Printing! Learn how to create functional items in easy to use CAD software, examine the materials schools use, the working and calibrating of a 3D Printer for successful
prints, and the slicing of objects into G-code that the printer understands. In this workshop
participants will gain a solid foundation in 3D printing best practices and resources to get your
students 3D designing and printing.

Michelle Wendt

Host: MakerSpace Monday – Open Exploration Sessions
Date: April 23, May 21, & June 11 2018
Cost: $106.00 or 4 ETTC Hours per session
Location: The SRI&ETTC at Stockton University
Exploration for Teachers in the Classroom

In these sessions participants will have the opportunity to explore whatever ideas meet the needs of your classroom. In this open sessions participants can explore fabrication and design
thinking using Cardboard (MakeDo), Claymation, green-screening, soft circuits (eTextiles),Makey
Makey, drones, Google Cardboard, and much more!

Michelle Wendt

Date: Saturday April 21, 2018
Time: 9:30 AM – 3:30PM
Location: TCNJ, Ewing, NJ

Arcade Game Challenge: Creativity, Problem Solving and Design with Scratch and MakeyMakey

The focus of this class will be exploring how physical computing can ignite creativity and design.  After watching the video, Cain’s Arcade, teachers will be challenged to go beyond the keyboard and mouse to create unique inputs with the MakeyMakey printed circuit board for their own Scratch arcade game.  Simple supplies like cardboard boxes, aluminum foil, play-doh and other household items will be provided along with the MakeyMakey boards. Teachers will use the design and problem solving process to define an arcade game they would like to build, research Scratch code that might be useful, come up with some sketches, prototype inputs with the MakeyMakey and then develop their solution using the supplies.  The last 30 minutes, teachers will “play” with each other’s games and celebrate our success.  Note: While we are investigating various arcade type games, teachers will be introduced to Scratch as a simple yet powerful programing language that can successfully be used to teach the basics of computer science like events, loops, conditional statements, variables and more.  Teacher’s Scratch coding skills will be developed and challenged during this class.

Presenter: Roseanna Misuraca


Date: Saturday May 5, 2018
** Please note date change**

Time: 9:30 AM – 3:30PM
Location: TCNJ, Ewing, NJ
 Python Unleashed

Python is one of the most popular programming languages in the world and is now used to teach programming at six of the top ten computer science undergraduate programs in the United States. Python has a reputation for being a well-supported computer language that is ideal for education and is also a favorite among scientists. This workshop acts as an introduction to computer programming with the Python programming language. The basics of imperative programming will be covered as well as ideas from selected areas of computer science, data science and education. Will will review the basics of the language, discuss how it is used and taught and then spend the end of the day looking at some specialized uses such as video game creation and working with Minecraft.

Presenter: Lars Sorensen


Host: Kean University
Date: July 9 – August 3, 2018
Location: Kean Univ., Union, NJ and Online

Mobile CSP Professional Development 

Mobile CSP is one of the approved curricula for AP Computer Science Principles and uses MIT App Inventor as the programming platform. The workshop will be presented by a Mobile CSP master teacher.  Last year more than 3,600 students used the Mobile CSP course to prepare for the AP exam, and 78% of them passed the exam.
The Mobile CSP PD is a year-long program in which teachers are organized into small (10-12 person) cohorts led by a Master Teacher. It consists of completing a PD course plus a mentored PD experience during the school year. The cohorts may meet entirely online​ or in regional hybrid format​.
● PD Course:​ ​A PD course either online or at one of many sites throughout the U.S. The PD course is offered at different levels, including a week-long (50 hours) immersion option​ for experienced CS teachers and a multi-week (90-100 hours) extended PD​ for teachers new to CS.
● Mentored Academic Year Support​: This includes monthly webinars on CS topics, help with equipment setup and classroom issues, regular cohort hangouts, and personal mentoring and support from a master teacher.
 To learn more or complete an interest form please click the register button


Dates: July 15-20, 2018
Location: Indiana University Bloomington

We are excited to announce this year’s Tapestry Workshop which will be held in conjunction with the Pathfinders Summer InstituteJuly 15-20, 2018 in Bloomington, IN.

If you are interested in:

  • Attracting more and diverse students to your high school Computer Science classes
  • Influencing students, parents, colleagues, and administrators on the importance of your courses and the opportunities they provide
  • Engaging your students in the exciting and rewarding field of computing
Then you are invited to apply for the Tapestry Workshop 2018!
What is a Tapestry Workshop?
  • The goals of the workshop are to share strategies, research-based practices, and field-tested good ideas for teaching computer science in a way that reaches all students regardless of sex, race or ethnicity. 
Workshop participants will:
  • Explore activities for gaining the interest of all students
  • Interact with national experts on teaching and diversity practices
  • Meet university faculty desiring to serve as ambassadors to their schools
  • Form a network of like-minded people for ongoing discussion and development.

All tuition, airfare, room and board for teachers will be paid.
Tapestry alumni are encouraged to apply.

**Find out more information and submit your application**


Dates: July 23 – July 28
Location: Kean UniversityPlease email Mayra Bachrach with any questions

AP Computer Science Principles professional development workshop

Kean University is hosting an AP Computer Science Principles professional development workshop during July 23-28.   The workshop is based on the Beauty and Joy of Computing (BJC), one of the College Board approved AP CS Principles curriculum developed at UC Berkeley and is funded through an NSF grant.  Participating teachers will receive a stipend of up to $500 plus travel and lodging expenses and Continuing Education credits for attending and completing the workshop.  Attending this PD is equivalent to attending an AP Institute.  There is a $75 registration fee.
If you are interested in attending please let us know and complete the application.  More information and the application can be found by clicking the register button. 


Dates: July 30 to August 3
Time: 8:30 AM – 4:00 PM
Location: TCNJ in Ewing, NJ

Code.org 2018-19 Middle and High School Professional Learning at TCNJ

The Code.org Professional Learning Program has both in-person and online supports designed to prepare teachers before and during their first year teaching CS Principles or CS Discoveries.

Summer Workshop

  • Participants kick off the Professional Learning Program with a 5-day workshop
  • Explore the curriculum and learning tools, discuss classroom management and teaching strategies, and build a community of teachers.
  • With a focus on a customized experience, participants will develop skills while working in small groups to deepen their understanding of the materials.

Ongoing Support, throughout following academic year:  

  • Participants attend local, 1-day quarterly workshops hosted by Code.org Regional Partners

For more information or to sign up click the register button.

To see your CS PD event listed on this page, please email all relevant information to buildingcsnj@tcnj.edu

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