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Computer Science Teachers Association in New Jersey (CSTANJ)

The Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA) is a national non-profit organization focused on providing support, community, and resources to K-12 Computer Science Teachers. 

CSTANJ consists of the four nationally recognized CSTA chapters. The chapters are distributed throughout New Jersey at supporting universities. They are:

  • CSTANJ-Central 
  • CSTANJ-North
  • CSTANJ-South 
  • CSTANJ-Southwest

The CSTANJ chapters hold meetings throughout the year. During the COVID-19 pandemic the chapters are holding combined virtual meetings.

Information about CSTANJ can be found on its website or by joining its google group.

Join CSTA! CSTA has both a free membership, as well as a CSTA+ membership with additional benefits. Click here to learn how to apply!