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Congressional App Challenge Winners

Congressional App Challenge Winners

Left to Right – Alex Cohen, Vicky Zheng, and Leo Shao

Three students from Egg Harbor Township High School were recently announced as winners of the Congressional App Challenge for our Congressional District. Alex Cohen (12th), Leo Shao (12th), and Vicky Zheng (11th) won with their app, Flashcard with Friends.

Flashcards with Friends is a multiplayer flashcard quizzing game that works over iMessage. Within the Messages app on iPhones, users can open the apps panel to launch the app. From there, users search for flashcard sets that are pulled from Quizlet and select the set they desire to start a game. If there is no flashcard set that meets the user’s needs, they may head to Quizlet to make one themselves, and then search for it in our app. Their opponent will wait to receive a message to get the game started. This message will be received similar to a text message. All the recipient must do is tap the app to start playing! The game will cycle through the entire flashcard set and players will have to answer all the terms. Two points are rewarded for answering with a written response, and one point for answering with multiple choice responses, which are brought up when the user taps “I don’t know.” The player with the highest number of points wins.

There is a YouTube video that illustrates some of the work behind the app as well as how the app functions.

The students have taken this project a step further and uploaded it to the App Store!